Thursday, November 23, 2017

SP Update

I have not gotten to work on Serenity Prayer 2.0 as much as I wanted to.  Light in the morning hasn't allowed me to stitch on the way to work.  I blame winter like weather.

I finished two of the letters.... many, many, many more to go

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Making a plan

Tonight I got out my planner to review my stitching plan for November and start thinking about December. I thought it would be a good blog topic while I am still thinking about what project(s) to work on next month.

My planner is an arc disc system from Staples.  I have a section for stitching projects and planning that I also keeps notes about upcoming projects or project ideas.  Yes, that is a section for evil plans - I have to have a place to plan random acts of kindness.

I have a calendar page that has a simple table on the back so I can write out my monthly goals then use the calendar to plot out the rotation. 

In September and October I used a three day rotation, not including Ink Circles Mondays.  I spent three days on each project or just ICM.  This month I decided to make Cougar my weekend project and ornaments/Plum Pudding on weekdays.  I was having an issue fitting in ornaments and wanted to make sure I got my Christmas one done.

For December I am thinking about parking the rotation and focusing on finishing Cougar before setting up a new rotation.  I would like to finish it before the end of the year, and I think that it would be realistic.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

ICM November 20th edition

Yesterday was Ink Circles Monday so I worked on Blackstone Fantasy Garden.  I am still working on the middle cross and made it to the bottom.

Slow but steady progress is better then no progress right?

Monday, November 20, 2017

All those odds and ends

While I was updating the stash zone I kept running into things that I didn't know where to put.  The space was lacking.... something. 

While discussing the issue with Bonnie one day and complaining that I needed different drawers I remembered that I had a 7 drawer unit in the bedroom I wasn't using very much.  I had actually bought it years ago for the stash zone but took it out because I wasn't using it.  So, out of the bedroom it came, and into the stash zone.

Once I had moved it from the bedroom I had to figure out where it should go.  I decided between the cubes and bookcase but that meant that the thread board and cat cross stitch didn't fit anymore - so ended up moving the cat to the other wall.

The drawers:

The top drawer has page protectors and magazine keepers
The second drawer has storage bags (stored in desk organizers from the dollar store)

The third drawer has thread storage - including floss away bags and bobbins

The four drawer has beading supplies

The fifth drawer has some random items
The sixth drawer has batting and felt
The seventh drawer has quilt batting

The big bookcase stores ribbon, cord and beads.  Non-Mill Hill beads are organized in little jars from Michaels and spice jars from the dollar store.

Mill Hill beads and charms are in watchmaker cases

The bottom shelf is books and project bags.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Put your paws in the air

The weekend is slipping away and I have been stitching away like a good hermit.

The cougar kitten now has all his paws and pretty much all his head.  He just needs his tail now.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Don't Go Outside

There is a winter storm watch/freezing rain warning for my area this weekend.  What we get and how much of it is not yet know - when I went out this morning to get my winter coat from the dry cleaners it hadn't started to snow or other yet, but it was very cloudy and getting windy.

Luckily it is International Hermit and Stitch Weekend which makes staying in stitching all weekend ok.

Friday, November 17, 2017

The cubes

The main part of the stash is in these cubes from Ikea.

The left side has bins for 25 and 32 count fabric, kits and my never used sewing machine.

I decided to add more drawers to the middle and move all the thread including the extra DMC.  When I organized the threads I set it up by Manufacturer and left lots of space to add to thread as I pick it up.

The right side is pattern binders, still organized by Designer and title.

I have organized so goodies along the top.  I unspooled my wired ribbon and put it in the wire baskets - pretty and it saves space.  There is a flower frog and some scissors and an assortment of cool things like the word stitch in painted wood letters, some Star Wars figures and a couple of dragons.